Willie’s Signature Horses

February 25, 2013

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  1. Willie, your the best! Thank for taking care of the horses.

  2. Willie your the best. Thank you for taking care of the horses. Saw you in Amsterdam.

  3. That’s wonderful Willie,we need more good people like you.I love horses & am very thankful I was lucky enough to have been raised on a farm & had lots of horses around during my childhood.Keep up the good work!

  4. It is truly great that you are helping horses that have not had some one to care and love them. I am not surprised though. I have always loved horse as a little girl and I had two in my life time. Actually three, dusty ( buckskin) trouble who came off a Indian reservtion she was black with white stockings and a white diamond on her for head. Sugar Sue (Morgan/draft horse. I hope the horses go to wonderful families

  5. Onya Willie greetings from Australia, thank you for caring for these horses!!!!xo

  6. God I hate the pricks who do this to animals.
    Altho we have animal protection legislation here it’s not as effective as it should be with peeople being given 3 chances before the animal is taken. The animal has to endure the suffering until the
    rspca can step in an seize the animal.
    If they clean up before the next inspection no further action is taken.
    The Law IS an asss. It protects the abuser, not the animals!

  7. God loves horses. God loves you. And I do too!!!!! Thanks, Willie.

  8. dorothy braun March 4, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    Thank you for Sharing the special extra sense of music God gave you. Finding out you appreciate horses and care about them makes me admire you even more. Every horse deserves to be well treated they try to please us just as you have always done. Thank you for being you.

  9. Ty for being so loving and careing, my daughter has her Godmother that runs a Santuary for Wolves, in Lucerne Valley,Ca, Wolf Mountain Santuary, Tonya Carloni runs it, I pray for y’all daily,it’s a daily challenge!!!

  10. I wish I had a farm so bad so I could take all of them and give them a good forever home. I love Horses.God Bless Ya Willie!

  11. I see why all the Texas people love you…Thanks for everything you have done over the years

  12. Sheryl L Morrison March 27, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    Willie, you are a true hero. I cannot believe this country would let one of the most beautiful creatures on this God’s earth be put down for food and money. And we all know money is the main reason. I’ve loved horses my whole life, but have had only one. He, High Leo’s Equal; was the love of my life, a beautiful Appy. I am so thankful for people like yourself, with the means to care; DO. Thank you for all your generosity when it comes to our beloved horses. You will be rewarded in the end. Thank you again.


  14. I’ve got 3 horses already, cant afford much more…. If I could…. Id adopt yours! Love you to pieces, always have!!!! Im happy to see you helping my favorite critters!! Thanks a bunch, keep up the good work, and keep singing…. its heavenly!
    God Bless You,
    Love ~ Always

  15. love your horses , would be interested in one of yr horses , yrs ago in N O , You were at lafreniere park , doing a promotion for Dogs on Hogs , , i was with a blond , she ran up and kissed you , i was the shy burnette , Keep it real Willie , shayne

  16. This is a very wonderful thing that you have done for I am a disabled person and my daughters dad is a disabled veteran he lost his eyesight from Gulf War we just started rescue last year no donations so far but we have saved almost 20 horses it’s tough see what these horses go through but we don’t shutter door would love to know if you ever come to Ohio if you would be willing to come out to the farm he would love to hold sometime fundraiser and help bring more awareness

  17. Willie and yr family and friends when I first saw yr interview with the horses and u rescuing them you made my heart burst with pride !!!!! I love all your horses and I myself have 3 and my husband has 1 30yr old QH mare .

    God Bless you all !!!!!

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