Willie on New Engelbert Humperdinck Duet CD

 —  October 7, 2014 — 17 Comments

Willie is featured on a track on the new Engelbert Humperdinck Duet CD, give it a listen here:

17 responses to Willie on New Engelbert Humperdinck Duet CD

  1. Kathleen Johnson October 8, 2014 at 2:08 PM

    Love it Willie! When your voice comes in I get this awesome feeling of Love. I know you think I am prejudice. Maybe so! Whatever, it is good.


  3. Two of my all time favorite singers!! I never would have thought to have the two of them sing
    together, but WOW!!!! I love it!! Will definitely be going out to by this CD!


  4. Two of my most favorite singers of all time. I never would have thought to hear the two of
    them sing together, but WOW I love it!! Can’t wait to buy the CD!

  5. Marilynn Sacker October 9, 2014 at 11:14 PM

    Thank you for commenting on Engelberts new CD, and the one you sing with him is the
    most beautiful song, and what a compliment of two pure legends . His CD is doing
    very well, thanks to you and all his friends.
    God Bless

  6. I will always Love Willie. I started listing to him in the 60’s. Just saw him this summer in Ravinia in Illinois. He will always be my favorite. God Bless You Willie…

  7. Would Like to know if Willie new a guy name rock sutton from pekin use to drink beer with him and Waylon

  8. I absolutely Love this song, melody of two top voices makes me believe in Love again.

  9. Willie, Wow! What a beautiful song! I am wondering if you wrote the words? Engelbert Humperdinck has recorded so many great hits in the past and we must honor his many talents right along with yours. Lets not forget to mention his big song, “I’ll Have The Last Dance With You” which goes something like this…I’ll have the last dance with you…two lonely people together, I’ll have the last dance with you…the last dance will last forever. Should you ever want to record a duet with me in the future, that would be a choice one selection wouldn’t you agree? JRK

  10. My mother is turning 90 years old next week and she loves Willie Nelson. Can you tell me how I can get this CD for her by next Friday?

  11. Love this! Beautiful sounds. We would love to get our hand on a copy to review in the magazine!

  12. Hello Mr. Nelson,
    My friend’s grandmother is in the final stages of a battle with cancer and is a huge fan. If someone could get in contact with me, I would love to speak with you or your representatives to see if we can make one of this sweet woman’s dreams come true.
    Thank You,
    Kenneth Bray

  13. Also available online everywhere is a fantastic new songbook called “GONE FISHING WITH WILLIE NELSON & NORAH JONES”, which is my ultimate homage to Willie Nelson & Norah Jones, and Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Billy Joe Shaver, and many, many others, plus my follow-up songbook “RESENTMENTS, QUOTABLES, CHANSON(G)S & COUNTRY JAZZ”, which is dedicated to Roger Miller and Turner Stephen Bruton …

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  14. This is a beautiful song. It was in the movie, Hope Floats, with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. What a combination, Willie and Englebert.

  15. I think this is a very good I have always liked in the Burkemper date at door Willie Nelson I think you saying real good together and I do like this song I will definitely go out and buy it thank you very much for recording it and put it on here so I can listen to it hope to hear more of it on radio thank you Jackie

  16. Gret song willie

  17. Great song performed by two musical legends of the world. Hoping to see Willie walk onstage Sunday night January 18th to sing this song live with Engelbert at the Moody. Some tickets to this Engelbert show are still available, a must see event!

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