Willie Nelson Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, Says No To Homophobia

 —  June 29, 2015 — 13 Comments

Love Wins

“Willie Nelson celebrated the Supreme Court’s latest ruling by flipping the bird to homophobia and sharing the photos to prove it on Facebook.” Read more at austin360!

13 responses to Willie Nelson Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, Says No To Homophobia

  1. To love some one is to honor and cherish that person the person we fall in love with isnt defined by color sex nationality its defined by feelings to respect care for and

  2. Willie,

    Do you really support the further degradation of our society? Especially since you are from TEXAS … Really ?

    • There goes me and very more from going to see you again. I guess you are mixed in with all the other mentally unstable perverts!

    • Fuck u Larry. Do u touch pig skin? Do u work on Sunday? Are u so without sin u are able to judge others….if so, judge away? Take a listen to ‘The Heaven Im Headed To’ by Dierks Bentley. & If anything fails to make u open ur eyes or ur mind, cause ur heads too far up ur ass to get it out…then fuck u again. And, id venture to say ur on the wrong website.

      • Lesia Albarado July 13, 2015 at 3:52 PM

        Willie I am shocked at your approval of same sex marriage! Do you not know have you not heard what Our maker our creator says about this? It is an abomination to Him!!’ I can’t believe you can stand against His kHoly Word. Do you not know of Gods judgement
        On sodom & Gomorrah ? Do you believe he is even real? Where is your head where is your heart ! You are one if the most talented people in the world and this talent is NO ACCIDENT. PERHAPS HE THOUGHT you might have the good sense he gave us to Come in outta the rain. That you might BE GRATFul ENOUGH, to spread jis good news,?The GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. HE BLESSED YOU w/an awesome talent and what have you done ! Gone and thrown it in His face. I love you I love my gay friends but I certainly don’t love their actions! Do you even realize the followers you have that maybe you could’ve led some to CHRIST ? I am not judging not even trying to or wanting to. I just thot you were a God Fearing Man, I guess not! Adam & Eve not Adam. & Steve. Well I pray you and many many others come to the with senses. Again I love you I love your music but I guess I went overboard believing so strongly in man. I’m sorry for you my friend I’m sorry for my dillusional and in many ways for others that are undoubtedly diluded. May The God of our fathers Oyr God Bless us with Godly knowledge and understanding. A true friend and a true fan of yours Willie. I just pray you come around to what HE says cause when it comes down to the nut cutting THAT IS WHAT COUNTS !!!

    • It’s an upgrade to our society and culture. It’s about time Texas stepped up.

  3. Willie
    Genesis chapter 2:24 is the law of the land, period.

  4. Really?? Why don’t you stick to something you are good at – singing. You don’t need to get involved in this. Keep that talented mouth of yours closed for talk and opened for singing, please

  5. Willie,

    I loved your music from when I 1st saw you & the band, on ACL…back around 1974/75. Loved it…despite you had no Pedal Steel Guitarist. You stated in articles, that after having Jimmy Day, you can’t find any better than him. (Not verbatim). Concerning JD. I’m a steel player of 40 years…& I still don’t see why people think he was so great. I don’t “get him.”

    Anyway, to the subject here. Why do you feel so compelled to be as liberal as you possibly can?? To “fit in”…& show you’re open-minded & cool? I’m have some “hippie” in me…but still conservative on many things.
    I don’t HATE, or wish ANY harm to homosexuals, but IMO…2 men or
    even 2 women married, is not a “real marriage.” It’s a freak show.
    What is so acceptable, about 2 men kissing, having anal intercourse, etc? The later, being totally disgusting & disturbing. I don’t even have that
    desire, with a woman! Most have seen it…in adult magazines/film. Sorry, man…..that is plain sickening.
    I don’t believe being gay, is a choice. I do believe people are born gay. I’m still not in favor of a gay marriages. Sorry.
    You’re total obsession with marijuana, is a bit much. Not the best example your setting. I’m actually pro-marijuana. It’s a good…& definitely SAFE drug, with so many great benifits, medically. A great drug…if you don’t overdue it, like anything else.

    Anyway, to wrap this up…you lost me, with pro-gay marriage propaganda. We get it….you’re a hardcore liberal. Just my 2 cents.

  6. How can you support sin against our God!

    • Lesia Albarado July 13, 2015 at 4:07 PM

      Perhaps he’s gotten too big, maybe he’s forgotten his roots. Didn’t and I won’t name him but one of the Beatles say they were greater thAa. CHRIST? If fame and fortune do this then I want no part of it. I believe what God says, Money is the root of all evil. These entertainers sadly think their invincible. Well I’ll just continue to be a poor happy God Fearing Ole Gal!!! Praise God and His Love And Mercy and Grace. ALL GLORY BE TOO GOD!!!

  7. Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13 Romans 1: 26 & 27 Your grandma would say !!

  8. thanks for all the good years but a fan no more I tought you were a good Christian man

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