Willie Becomes Maureen Dowd’s ‘Marijuana Miyagi’

 —  September 22, 2014 — 8 Comments

After mentioning her terrible experience with marijuana-infused candy, Maureen Dowd (a columnist for the New York Times) was invited to smoke with Willie on his bus. He gave her his tips on what he’s learned over his many years of smoking pot. Read her story at NYTimes.com

8 responses to Willie Becomes Maureen Dowd’s ‘Marijuana Miyagi’

  1. I just wanted to say that I have had four Sisters and two brothers die from things that Pot could have helped them with. Being the youngest of ten Children, I’m 65, I had to watch them with their pain and knew that if they had Pot to smoke or ingest, they would have at least felt a lot better. I don’t get to smoke it that often and I hate going out in public after smoking some back during the day. I wish they would at least have Medical Marijuana for those who really need it, like the Children and their Family who have had to go all the way to the two States who have it for sale openly. I had the same problem with drinking as Willie did. I became rude and mean sometimes. I don’t think I got to the point where I wanted to kill someone but I didn’t mind cursing and acting pure mean.
    Thank you Willie for fighting fore legal use of the Medicine that my Mother, who would have been 105 years old now, said back in the 70s that, They will find out someday that Marijuana is a miracle drug.” God Bless all of you and hope all is well with y’all.

  2. Thank you for educating Ms.Dowd on cannabis. When I first read her article it kinda made me laugh, then it just made me think. I found it amusing because there is not 1 case of someone dying from an overdose, it made me think because any seemingly harmful incidents will only hurt the cause for legalization. So again thank you 🙂

  3. Willie is very intelligent and people should listen to what he has to say!

  4. education about marijuana is the best thing for anyone who doesn’t or has never smoked or eaten it. God bless you Willie for being a free spirit.i will always love you and your music.

  5. I read the Rolling Stone article and I’ve seen you in both Ottawa and Halifax. I’ll be sure to be there the next time you’re in Ottawa. I did meet you years ago when I was working in country radio…still haven’t washed my hand either Willie.

  6. I’ve been getting high on weed for 43 yrs & I can’t imagine going without it. I would love getting high with you Willie & seeing that beautiful smile of yours.My name is Ann Marie, sound familiar!! I live in Nebraska I’m a very down to earth gal. I just know we would laugh a lot & have a great conversation.

  7. When will Willie announce his run for presidency? We really need him at the helm……I would have to try the smoking bus to properly rate the experience……

  8. love you Willie, and waiting for you to make a return visit to Indiana !!!!

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