WATCH: HRTV’s “The Love of Horses – Willie Nelson”

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16 responses to WATCH: HRTV’s “The Love of Horses – Willie Nelson”

  1. Love horses quite a bit, great knowing others still do as well.

  2. Watched this several times. God bless you Willie and Family for caring for these beautiful creatures.

  3. God Bless the Nelson family and all the people and Organizations that protect the horses and our American values

  4. Dear Willie,
    Are you going to sing in Baltimore this year? My brother loves your songs and I like to surprise him with your concert ticket.

  5. Just a big thank you to you and your family for looking after those horses
    Would be a much better world with
    More people like the Nelsons.

  6. Dear Willie, My dau&son love you; we
    taped your QVC concert! My son oldest grad of Great Lakes is getting ‘hitched’ on Det Riv Pennisula.. Will you come? We are the not rich family according to her parents. We are rich in faith and love. This will work out. please Mr. Nelson Joe’s hero’s have always been cowboys…you. My day sings Carrie Underwood a MD Adele better than themselves. Like the little drummer boy sang I have no gift to bring; but love
    Thank you for your wisdom, your strength against all odds for your charity to farm aid when I could hold him up on my shoulders. Thank you for teaching people God’s law love one another. I belie be you will be there if only in your heart. Thank you and God Bless you and your family. SUSAN JACKSON ps it’s Jan 24, 2015!!!

  7. Willie, I think you are one of the greatest people God ever made. You are a great American Hero and a living legend. I have always told my wife when I die I want to go to Willies house. Your are my great idol. I’ve been to every concert you’ve had that I’ve been close to and some that weren’t Thanks so very much for everything you’ve done

    PS would love to meet you one day.
    Big Fan Mike

  8. Mr. Nelson
    Thank you very much for your work with horses and your efforts to give them a better life.

  9. Love your music! Been listening to your music for a long time. God bless you!

  10. You are still great at 81 . (I’m a little older 1935 ) I enjoyed you and Waylon in Phx& Scottsdale years back ( The good old days) He only drank coffee then,and was skinny,but could sure play lead guitar. I had to miss you at Deasert Diamond Casino this week end,too sick to go,it was probably my last chance to enjoy your music live again. Hope you are able to entertain the crowds for many more years and the enjoyment stays with you.forever a fan.

  11. What you do for the horses is so awesome!!!!, When I saw some of your horses I fell in love with one of the paints, dark with white, sort of dark brown with white, is available for adoption?

  12. Frankie Siemiller January 7, 2015 at 12:26 PM

    I have been your fan since you and Waylon were not the most popular. I am 78 years old and I have gone thru the records 45’s,78’s,33’s the eight track, cassettes, CD’s and now I phone. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment. Oh yes I saw you live in Norman ok. At the riverwind. Thanks again.

  13. Neil Kwiatkowski January 10, 2015 at 4:37 PM

    Thank you Mr. Nelson for the world wide prayer request for Charles Landrey and Regina Landrey.

  14. Sign to say not horse meat and stop the trade of horse meat

    Sign the Petition to Government · Say No to horse meat and stop the trade now.
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    My passion is horses..I have a true passion and desire that i want to share with you. As a child I loved horses. As an adult, I have always wanted to stand up and stop the animal abuse but never really knew how to do this. Horse abuse and slaughter are deffinately facts of life, and if more people were aware of the cruel side of the horse world maybe they will think twice before unloading their horse to an unsuspecting buyer known as a kill buyer. Kill buyers have made a profitable profession out of sending horses to slaughter to keep in good standing with the slaughter plant as the kill buyer has to have his quota of horses to be delivered with whatever condition the horse is in to the slaughter plant each trip. So with all the horses sent to Mexico or Canada from each KB they get unloaded, and the KB finds more horses to round up with the money he just got for the horses brought in for slaughter. With all this and other variables factored in, such as the price per pound for horse flesh, it has made it very expensive to rescue one horse.Stop and think horses don’t have a voice regarding the cruel slaughter they face. But so many of us do. Some people are afraid to admit that they care cause it is too painful to look at, or they just don’t want to acknowledge this horrible unnecessary fate these souls do face. Slaughter is not discriminatory. Studs, mares, colts, fillies, the week, the old, the starved the newborn and the unborn. so just remember, the money the kill buyer puts in his pocket is too high a price for the horse to pay.This is why I have chosen to stand up and become a voice for all the lost souls that make their way down the slaughter pipeline to their final destination a death to hard for me to even comprehend. Horses are too precious and not to mention an American heritage. I choose to be their voice to that it may one day help these amazing souls and to support all rescue organizations that step in and rescue these magnificent amazing gifts of God. I also believe in not only rescuing but the re-homing of each horse saved that they may have a second chance at a new life with a child boy or girl who was waiting to find their best friend. In short, I urge every horse owner out there or the ones who have yet to become a horse owner, to educate yourself, stop your back yard breeding, learn how and what happens at auction and the possible unknown fate of your best friend, stop abusing, starving and become a responsible horse owner. Be a voice for the voiceless……………..I truly hope I have not offended anyone that was never my intentions. Just voicing my thoughts and opinions thank you.
    13 hrs · Like

    Sandy Brennan done…
    13 hrs · Unlik

    Mr. Nelson… I am Debbie Roscoe… I am reaching out to you in hopes that you a firm believer in horse rescue with wild mustangs and the rescue of slaughterbound horses can help me by making your voice heard even louder. I am wanting so badly to save and be a temporary home for rescue horses found in kill pens and to be a voice for the magestic Mustang. I don’t know how to make my dream a reality…I started by becoming a voice for the voiceless to help end the poor souls headed down the slaughter pipeline. These beautiful horses face such a horrific and painful end and it is so sad that our Government allows the trade of horse meat to help our economy. I have also contacted George Strait, Prince Lorenzo Borghessee, Left a comment on the Meredith Veirra show, uploaded two videos on You tube one about slaughter bound horses and the other about a friend of mine Sarah E. Greenleaf’s horse Jeannette that she rescued from a kill pen and six days later passed away. This horse was rescued by this amazing woman as she is a rescue person herself in Humansville, Missouri. This horse weighed in at maybe 700 lbs. from starvation and tied to a pole and left to die in the kill pen. She rescued this sweet soul just recently and sadly Jeannette passed away. So I created a video in her memory. I work by sharing and sharing on fb and other social media all horses she brings in from rescue to help her post bale and find forever homes. I also do the same with two other wonderful group also on fb..HORSE (Horselovers Organizing Rescuing Slaughterbound Equine), and RIPPLE EFFECT. Horse is for rescuing and rehoming kill pen horses, and Ripple Effect is for people who adopted the kill pen horse and sharing the new life they now have. I know I have thrown so much your direction and overwhelmed you and taken up your time, please I ask absolutely nothing of you but to lend your voice to help save the voiceless. You may contact HORSE and RIPPLE EFFECT and Sarah E. Greenleaf for i just belong to these groups and struggle looking for hope and help to make a difference. My dream is to one day also take part in rescue but I only have two stalls and not enough property to accomodate horses but I will it is on my bucket list… So I pay it forward to others to find ways to help them and continue on a laptop to be a voice for the voiceless . Thank you once again Mr. Nelson. I hope you truly are reading this and can let me know either way if you can lend your voice out for a horse. Have a good day and thank you.

  15. hey willie you don’t know this but I am your biggest fan. when you were in saint john new Brunswick I threw my hat up on the stage. you wore it for 3 songs and threw it back but somebody else grabbed it. my whole life until the day I die will be the highway men and now that half of you is gone I am grasping at straws to keep it going,my favorite is you and Waylon if you can think back to the saint john concert I am the guy singing every word to every song you were singing and had the trucker jacket on that said god bless wallie and god bless willie. please if I could mail you my jacket for you to sign or if you could mail me a signed hat I would be forever grateful.

  16. I love this man!!!!!

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