SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse broadcasts LIVE from Willie Nelson Statue Unveiling and Backyard Show in Austin, TX

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Willie’s Roadhouse and Outlaw Country DJ Dallas Wayne will anchor the broadcast, that will include on-site interviews and will air live on Willie’s Roadhouse, channel 56, on Friday, April 20 beginning at 5:00 pm ET.

In addition, Willie’s Roadhouse will premiere Willie’s new duet with Merle Haggard on “A Horse Called Music,” from his forthcoming album Heroes, being released by Legacy Recordings on May 15.

On Saturday, April 21, Willie’s Roadhouse will broadcast Willie Nelson’s early birthday party live from the Backyard in Bee Cave, Texas, just outside of Austin, including sets from the Paula Nelson Band, Jamey Johnson and Willie Nelson & Family. The concert will kick off at 8 pm ET with Dallas Wayne providing backstage coverage and interviews between sets.

**Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real | Outlaw Country, SiriusXM 60**

Lukas Nelson is following in his father Willie’s footsteps, running up and down the road with his band of brothers, Promise of the Real. The hard-rocking band is hitting on all cylinders on their new album Wasted, and kick out the jams for this exclusive live performance from the SiriusXM NYC studios and conversation with Chris T.

On-Air Time: 4/19, 9PM ET/6 pm PT

Rebroadcasts: 4/20, 11PM ET/8 pm PT



60 responses to SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse broadcasts LIVE from Willie Nelson Statue Unveiling and Backyard Show in Austin, TX

  1. You guys doing a great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great job

  2. I listen to this station in my car and wonder if you have any of Peggy Little’s music. She is a Texas girl that made it big in the 60’s and 70’s. I love her voice and would love to here it on the radio again.

  3. We just started to listening to willies rd house what a great station to listen to love all u guys and Willie is the best . We are headed to Nashville in may hope to catch some great people at the theater . Have a great day guys and we will be listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nathan etheridge sr February 21, 2013 at 12:56 AM

    Love radio showhope to be in Austin in April

  5. I came across Willie’s Roadhouse on Sirius XM a couple of months ago and now my radio stays tuned to it nearly constantly. This station is great as it fills the gap left by a radion station in Ft. Worth/Dallas area that used to go by the name of Country Legends. They played the same great music that we now hear on Willie’s Roadhouse, however, they decided to go more modern country which is fine, just not my type of music. I have always been a fan of Willie’s for as long as I can remember. At the top of my bucket list is my desire to attend one of his concerts. It seems that whenever he is playing in the area (4th of July in the Stock Yards) or other venues, I have to work or I’m out of town. Maybe one of these days.

  6. looking for a love song that was on willies roadhouse either on February 20 or 21, 2012. it was sang by an artist RANEY or RAINEY. can you help me locate this song? i’m trying to find it for my stepdad who wants to dedicate it to my mother (his wife) whom we lost. he has willies roadhouse in his vehicle & plays all the time. can u help me???

  7. I love listening to your music on Sirius XM 56. I heard one the other day by Jimmy Deans called My Wife. I tried to download it but found out that it was a promo. Is there anyway I can get the lyrics to this song? It was so meaningful.

    Thanks Ron Jancso

  8. Just found you and are really enjoying the music.

  9. Thank you very much for promoting Vern Gosdin’s music over the years. Vern appreciated that tremendously.

    We love to hear Chiseled in Stone / Set ‘Em Up Joe / Do You Believe Me Now.

    Thank you.

  10. Can you play original songs if I send you a few?? Country and Gospel . Thanks . Love your music

  11. have sirus radio and heard MY WIFE, by Jimmy Deans – can I get the lyrucs or how can I again hear this song for my husband to listem to also – thanks

    • I too ,love your station, some time I feel,there is no other,I sure don ‘t change to others. My husband lovesthe song my wife by Jimmy Dean,he would love to play it for my birthday. Sept 17 where can I purchase it. Thank you Nancy, Huge Willy fan.

    • I would like to know where to get the lyrics for My Wife that Jimmy Dean did. Tx

  12. Lona Roodzant May 18, 2013 at 8:50 AM

    I listen to all the time. Enjoy all the old songs you play and the history you tell of whom wrote them and who had the first hit. a big hello from Whidbey Island Wa, Keep up the good work.

  13. I always hear you play Hawkshaw Hawkins “Lonesome” but never play “Darkness on the face of the earth” and I just love that song!!! I think some of us ole timers would love to hear that. I listen every morning and evening to and from work, suprise me please!!!!!

  14. Please play something by EARL THOMAS CONLEY. We have followed him for 29 years. Think Earl and his music are the greatest. Thank you, Lucy

  15. Play more Hank Williams and stop your chatter it sounds like too many sermons. By the way, you play too many of the same.

  16. Love listening to your music while driving on vacation out west in montana. I’d love to hear more john anderson!

  17. I’ve heard your announcers stating listeners should”tune in to specialize their listening interests.”
    I prefer the interviews such as JOHnny Bush and older country music. Please tell me how I might be able to find specific music that is not heard elsewhere. Thanks

  18. Could you play Leon Ashley songs? Thanks

  19. I listen to your show all the time when I’m at home would like to hear more George Strait, Reba, and Patsy Cline.

    Hugs., Sue

  20. Love Willie- Please play more Patsy Cline & George Strait.

    Hugs, Sue

  21. Love show/ rq/ more P. Cline & G. Strait

  22. Hi, visiting my elderly Mother in Walnut Creek, CA……please send a shout out to her, her name is Bea……I am Sandy, her daughter from Texas… are AWESOME thanks for playing such great music, keep up the wonderful job!!

  23. tony basquez houston,texas April 23, 2014 at 5:50 PM

    Hey guys i love your show, i liston to it all day long in the oilfield from my pick up. hope to see tony booth coming to pearland or alvin tex. 10 miles away from here. keep play that good old country songs,,reply back please..

  24. Miguel Quinones May 1, 2014 at 11:19 AM

    Greetings, I’m from New York City and I love country music, especially the old country music. My wife says that country music is about throwing someone off the train, prison or drinking booze. I love Sirius “Willie’s Roadhouse”. I listen to it all day long. Since I work from home I’m able to listen to it all day. I became hooked on Country music back in 1971 when I was stationed in Darmstadt Germany. My roomies were from Kentucky and I believe Alabama. They played country music all the time. It could not compete with my Latin music so I got hooked on country and have been a country fan ever since.
    I’ve been looking for a good country station here in New York City for a long time, but never found one. My daughters gave me a Sirius Radio, for Christmas, and I found you guys. Now I can put away my old country cassette tapes, 8-Tracks and listen to you guys.
    I want to commend you guys (DJ’s) for keep us entertained. A big hello to all the Country DJ’s out there in Texas and the southern states from this New York Country Boy. Keep country music alive. Happy belated Birthday to Willie Nelson, on both Birthdays.

    Thanks guys,
    A big Country buff her in NYC

  25. hi just wanted to let you know that my sister, Sylvia, and I listen to your station through cable all the time, I heard something about willies fourth of July picnic, and thought I heard something about getting tickets or winning some, could you please clarify this for me. we listen in Albuquerque, nm

  26. To Dallas Wayne

  27. dee mclelland July 4, 2014 at 12:11 PM

    I just heard Charlie Prides singing God Bless America Again. Where do you find the song. I’ve looked under Charlie Prides listings and other listings and can’t find it. I wanted my husband to listen to it as he served in the Navy. Thanks for your help. Love this station.

  28. glenda adcock July 8, 2014 at 1:12 PM

    I heard a song by Jimmy Dean this morning that was ewxplaining to is daughter what a wife was I would love to get the cd or on I tunes for my grandaughters can you help

  29. What ever happened to Box Car Willie? haven’t heard him in a while.

  30. Donna and John Davis July 16, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    Hi Dallas Wayne,
    Have been listening to you for a while now and would like to thank you for introducing us to Johnny Bush. He is one of our favorites. Just got his book and will read it soon. We truly like listening to you when you say “a day without Johnny Bush is like a day without sunshine. So true
    Could you let us know just where you will be? Don’t want to miss a day.
    Donna and John

  31. BRIAN PEDERSON August 2, 2014 at 1:56 PM


  32. Have been listening to Sirius XM for past 4 yrs when we bought a new vehicle that came with it, Have had memberships ever since, but only in the car, so we really enjoy long trips.I was raised on GOOD old country and am not a fan of the newer stuff. Keep up the great music.
    Betty & Larry Heather Chatham, Ontario (a bit east of Windsor, across from Detroit.)

  33. Grady and theresa Lewis October 10, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    Love listening to all your music we live 100miles from Ottawa Canada .Keep up the great Music.
    Can you play something from Ray Griff please.

  34. Hi Dallas,
    About the Boys and Girls club,
    Go for it! If you were to wear a dress for the fund raiser a lot of people would donate. People go for stuff like that!
    Be brave and take a chance, it’s for the kids!!!!

    P.S., this is the honest truth, I voted for Willie at the president election poll. Yep! I did a write in vote….

  35. One of my favorite singer I like to listen to on your show is Curtis Potter. He lives in Abilene, and I play Bingo with him and his wife.

  36. i believe there is to much talking between 6;00 am and 6;00 pm. i paid to listen to music and not alot of talking,

  37. I was listening to the station on wednesday 11/26/2014 and heard a poem or recitation of a song by Jimmy Dean. i gotin on the middle of this and would like to know when this was released or was it. I cannot fond it anywhere and i would like to get a copy of it. Can you please help me out? i love the station. i love the older country. keep on trucking.

  38. Looking for words to a song heard on this channel by Jimmy Dean “My Wife” or “a Wife”

  39. Really like this station

  40. william montoya August 10, 2015 at 8:21 PM

    I listen to Charlie monk mornings and afternoons on xm 59, I love the station but, I haven’t heard the song I can’t stop loving you by Ray Charles, No one can sing that song like Ray Charles can, and I haven’t heard a song of the Eagles sung by Sussy Bogus I think the title is take it to the limit, and a Johnny Cash song Tennessee flat top box sung by Rosann Cash (his daughter) and a song titled Queen of the Silver Dollar. I live in Lake Eufaula, OK

  41. Love this music.the Paula show is great.being a fan sence back in the 1970s.thank yall

  42. Nice show Paula love your show.iam from mcgregor tx.

  43. i need to listen to this station. Ihad it when I had dish tv.Now I have cable and cannot hear it. I love this stawayne, austin texas.

  44. I love this station with dallas wayne, austin texas. I had it with dish network. It is not available on time warner cable. I miss it so much. please help.

  45. would love to hear paper roses or i was almost homwe

  46. Hi , I would like to ask if I could hear my late brother n laws records played on Willies Roadhouse I am a very fateful listener for a number of years . My truck radio stays on that station 24/7 . My Brother in law , Norvin Kelly,Norvin cut the records in 1954 his manager was a man by the name of MR . Jimmy Rule . They r on Columbia records the band backing him was Jimmy Davies band . The name of the records r U can’t make me live with these blues and back in your arms again . He wrote both of them . I would appreciate if very much if I could get to hear them on our station . Norvin appeared several times on the Ernest Tubbs show after the Grand Old Opera Thanks very much and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and a healthy one to u all at the station including Old Willie LOL .Could u please send me a email r call me at 228-467-9307 .to let know the status of this request .

  47. Jan 27th or so the announcer mentioned that round March 16 Nashville is going to have a big honorary event to KRIS KRISTOPHERSON. Amy I correct on the datte, and is any tv network going to air the program? Thanks..Chris flo

  48. Love the show and all the traditional country music as well as the DJs. Don’t like music to be interupted by that deep western drawl announcer, he gets irritating after a while. Don’t feel the same about Willie and wish he was the only one announcing his show. I am at the point of turning my radio off when I hear that deep voice beginning to say, “You listening to…” I know others who have the same feelings. That being said, it is the best traditional country music station around and is always on in my car or house.

  49. you’re the reason God made oklahoma,could you please play it thanks the old man from the tug hill redfield new york, love your show.

  50. Bruce Williams June 25, 2016 at 5:38 PM

    Being a Bobby Bare fan, I always like hearing his songs but it seems y’all only play a couple of them,”Winner” and “What If” He has a lot more. My favorite is “The Mermaid”. I have never heard it on Willie’s Roadhouse.

    Thanks ahead of time for playing it,
    Bruce Williams


  52. Michael baskett August 27, 2016 at 4:18 PM

    I grew up on real country and i listen to willies road house. In my car and in my house until today I just went to turn on willies road house on my t v and it’s not on any Chanel , it was on Chanel 6059 can u please PLEASE tell me what. Chanel its moved to Thanks so much

  53. Michael baskett August 27, 2016 at 4:19 PM

    Love ur station it’s the only on I can sing alone to the music and I know all the words

  54. I used to be a loyal listener but now Paula Nelson bragging on Obama how great he is she would vote for him again and how loyal to killary clinton she is guess what I don’t and won’t listen to willies road house till Paula is gone off the air goodbye Willie I thought you were smarter than that.

  55. who sings my baby is the devil

  56. Hello: My name is Gary Dean: My dad Al Dean of Al Dean and the Allstars Mr. Cotton Eyed Joe passed away October 4th. after a short illness with cancer!!!!

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