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 —  February 25, 2016 — 6 Comments

“Mr. Nelson infuses the title track with the rhythmic sorcery that has long been his genius…” – NY TImes about Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin (out TOMORROW, 2/26)

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6 responses to Review: New York Times – Summertime

  1. it’s not wings
    that make angels
    it’s subtle things
    that never let ’em fall
    it’s not wings
    that make her an angel
    but if she grew wings
    wouldn’t surprise me at all

    it’s not the name
    that makes a rose the flower
    smell so sweet
    so pleasing to the eye
    call a rose a weed
    or any other name
    it’ll still look
    it’ll still smell the same

    it’s not wings
    that make angels
    it’s human things
    that never let ’em fall
    it’s not wings
    that make her an angel
    but if she grew wings
    wouldn’t surprise me at all

    how many pages in a book
    have nothing to do with the cover
    how many times have you
    judged with your eyes
    and been fooled by a lover

    oh it’s not the wings
    that make angels
    it’s simple things
    that never ever
    let ’em fall
    and it’s not wings
    that make her an angel
    but if she grew wings
    it wouldn’t surprise me at all

    IT’S NOT THE WINGS is a song written for Willie Nelson, by
    David Ray

  2. One of the dreams I always had was to sit in a room for two hours with Willie Nelson , Kris Kristopherson and Mac Davis after all of us finished with a gig and were punch drunk . Just to write and knock out an album with a lyric toss back and fourth would have been cool to see a humorous album come out of it . I did this a few times with some major people back in the day and knew Cliffie Stone and Snuff Garrett too . I am 70 now of course it never will happen …but it would have been the highlight of my life to test them with my music skills ….with songs like : ” Get Outta My Country ” cause it ain’t your rock & roll ….lol

  3. Two of my absolute favorites, Gershwin and Willie Nelson. Gorgeous! I preordered for Phil Kinard. Amazing, that gravel with Gershwin. Most amazing!

  4. Just finished one of your books. A song, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” and numerous recordings by verious artists listed this song as “composer unknown.” I had the pleasure of meeting the composer in 1955 of this song in Nashville Tenn. His name was Adger M. Pace. My music teacher took me to see him. I notified the music archives of his composition and said they would update the archives to give him credit.
    He gave me a signed copy of the gospel song book.
    Just FYI. Thanks, Guy

  5. Willie

    You did it again–Another magnificent CD–The Songs of Gershwin is a magnificent rendition of some of the best from the American Song Book.

    The older you get the better you get.

    Stay well


  6. Mr. Willie ,
    I like all of your stuff , ” Moonlight In Vermont and Stardust ” blew me away ! The stuff you were doing in the beginning when you wore your suit , I absolutely loved your phrasing as it was unique and it was like a thumbprint signature like no one else out there . I have to say this to you also , that acoustic that you play has the most beautiful tone . Now as a musician I get the biggest kick outta your timing and those expressions on the bands faces are sometimes priceless when they aren’t payin attention and don’t know where you went …ha,ha,ha, . I love the fact that your sister has a spot on your stage and I love her sweetness and faith …but then you …well …as a 70 year old woman I have to say … Honey you too cute in what you do !

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