Merle’s Doing Alright

 —  December 17, 2015 — 6 Comments

We’re happy to report Merle Haggard is doing alright. He called into Wilie’s Roadhouse and filled us in. Listen to the interview and read more here:

6 responses to Merle’s Doing Alright

  1. ashley green jones December 20, 2015 at 12:51 AM

    Way to go Merle. My friend asked me to go see you in Melbourne AR a while ago and I did. The great thing is you signed my much signed guitar so although you bounced back and have a lot of value, Pat Green is not so hot for guitar value. But the point isn’t about that, it’s about you signed that guitar and your band members didn’t think it was for me. They asked me to play a little and I ran. It was for my deceased husband and it’s way, way signed all over.

    I think we sink before we swim and we float first of all with trust. You are a float for most of the people I know who like Willie but don’t know about “country music”. Sing on! I never learned to play guitar but that husband did. And he became a lawyer and he died. I’m now married to a coal hauling Brit who loves Texas music. Sort of. He loves Django Rheinhardt. So I think there’s hope for us yet.

  2. I do hope Merle is doing well I did not know he had cancer, he was my husband’s favorite , my husband died from cancer, he was an country music promoter with partner Vic Lewis who also died. Vic made a couple of movies one was Country Music On Broadway,and Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar, I am glad to hear Merle is OK and doing good and will soon recover.

  3. Love both Merele and Willie..Seen Merel in Jacksonville Fl 15 years ago Place a rose on the stage and he said ty in the middle of his song..Wasn’t able to see Willie perform.but had a bar in Jacksonville beach.Called Family Tradition.Willie was in town..It was eveing and we come walking in my bar said hi I understand this is the only country bar on this beach.Where are all the country men I hear are always here.I nodded towards the dining room where the stage was.Asked how manywas in there and I said 6.he bought 7 bottles of Bud and I help him carry them in there. The look on the guys faces was unbeiveable..The tip from him was also.Willie and Merel was always my husband and my favorite and still are and always will be.

  4. Happy you aredoig well Merle.

  5. My understanding Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard will be in Independence, Missouri in April. Is this correct and where at?

  6. sorry to hear about merle,swingin doors was the frist song i learned back in 68.

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