LISTEN: “Imagine” Covered by Willie Nelson

 —  November 30, 2015 — 13 Comments

“Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…”

Willie covered “Imagine” – click the image below and give it a listen.


13 responses to LISTEN: “Imagine” Covered by Willie Nelson

  1. i truly enjoy all of willie nelson’s music, this one was very touching & very true & speaks truth in volumes beyond mere words! it reminds me of another deep song by white lion called when children cry & the song we are the world! love yah willie & thank u for this song & ur many others over the very many years! God truly bless u willie! ur truest fan jeremiah

  2. As a teenager I bought John Lennon’s Imagine album when it was first released. The theme of this song has been my constant wish of peace for this troubled word of ours ever since. Every where I go in this world people from every corner of this planet relate to Imagine when requested at piano bars or other music venues. Willie, I saw you in concert in Kamloops, BC in 1986 and again in Vancouver, BC about 2001. I have loved your music from the first time I listened to your Stardust album (the very first of many of your albums I have purchased) and was very moved by your rendition of Imagine. Congratulations on your Gershwin Award, I look forward to watching the show on PBS. Thank you for the many hours of your music that I have listened to and will continue to enjoy for years to come.
    Wayne Carsience

  3. hey willie i have a friend that puts on a farm show in chilliecothe tex. he does it at his farm and draws a big crowd . has his own family band and others that play . if you are in that area sometime he would really like it.

  4. I came to your website thinking here is the most loved singer in the US, wanting to ask for a song to help bring us together, all of us, regardless of religion, race, sexuality, gender, political leanings, affluence or simple irritability. You can do more good than any presidential candidate. Here you are, singing one of the greatest songs ever written for exactly that idea. The thing is, you can do the same in your own voice and words and make it mean even more.

  5. the link isn’t working… bummer. I’d like to hear it!

  6. Hi Willie

    I got an e-mail from a stem cell place. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t believe any thing you hear and half of what you see. I don’t want to get into a lot of detail but they used your Name, picture ect. For your privacy I’m keeping this short but do you know any thing about this? I was thinking of stem cell for myself and I have shortness of breath and on oxygen right now. I even stopped smoking and Yes good bud. I know a few who have met you and from what they said I trust you.

    Charles T. Bryant
    Just a few miles North of Knoxville

  7. Hi Willie

    I’m an artist/musician from Switzerland and would like to send you a Christmas card.
    May I send it to 210 Barton Springs, Suite 500 in Austin, or is there another address ?


  8. I would like to buy the cd album with song on it could you tell if there is one?

  9. Here we are, all set to listen and dance to our favorite station on New Years Eve and all we got was Tracy Musgrave’s screeching, no old country just some of the new bullcrap some think they can pass on to us. Not just one song but several…..

  10. William S. Catania January 4, 2016 at 2:33 PM

    Dear Willie Nelson:

    I have always loved your music, especially “You Were Always on My Mind.” “Imagine” is beautiful song that I always play all the time. I am 75 years old and have been an active
    musician most of my life. I wrote a song for you, which comes from the bottom of my heart. I wrote both the music and the lyrics for this song, and if you have any time in your busy schedule, it would be an honor for me if you would give it a listen. If you would like to listen to the song, I can send a CD, which I recorded on my digital piano. I can be reached as below. Thank you so much!

    Bill Catania

  11. my spouse and I are watching Willie ,live at Billy Bob’s . It was great my fence Carl always said his dream in life was to go to a big party Willie gives every year . his family lives in Austin tx . They live on a diferant mountain than Willie but can hear the music . He was there one year and heard it himself . since then he’s always said .His wish would be to meet Willie and go to his party to hear the live music .And see if Willie is as he seems to be down to earth . I myself have been a life long fan . My father always listened to Willie . KEEP ON ,KEEPING ON !!! WE LOVE U WILLIE .

  12. Willy! My MAN! Huge Fan Bro! I have some songs I’ve written, in the style of Elmore James or B, ig Bill Broonzy or even you , man, that I would like to share with you (go partners) and since I don’t have the skills like you do to know how to get a song published, I’m hoping you might help and make a few bucks too! So, if you can email me at and let me know if you are enterested. Lemme know; I’ve got quite a few, so, I can send you one or two of my “HITS”as soon as I Hear from you. I know you are super busy with your tour, so no hurry, except let’s hope niether one of us croaks before we can get together.Thanks Willy, Joe Westwood.

  13. Yo! Willy! Good Luck With the tour! Please let me know when your going to be around the Sacramento CA area with your tour so I can catch a back stage pass, Bro! I’ve got those songs I wrote to show you.Too! Have fun ! Joe

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